Waters of Son Berga

On Waters of Son Berga from 1969 without interruption we serve our customers water of the highest quality, at very competitive prices. Located on the slope of the Sierra de Na Burguesa, we extract high quality water free of sewage and agricultural fertilizers seepage. Latest generation Scania trucks, equipped with hydraulic pumps to be able to unload in places of difficult access.


1969 – 1980
Discovery of the aquifer deposit. The commercialization of water through transporters begins.

2013 – 2016
Renovation and automation of facilities. Aguas de Son Berga begins marketing through its own fleet of tanker trucks. We adapt to the needs of our customers.

Complete Fleet Renewal We incorporate the new Scania P280 supply vehicles with the latest technical advances in the sector.

Aguas de Son Berga is consolidated as a benchmark on the island, incorporating new technologies and adapting to the demanding needs of its customers.

Located on the slope of the Na Burguesa mountain range, we extract high quality water free of sewage and agricultural fertilizer seepage.

In continuous operation since 1969, has supplied water without a decrease in its level even in the periods of greatest drought that have affected our island.

The water from our well has always been classified as suitable for human consumption, having followed all the guidelines and recommendations stipulated by the competent health authorities at the treatment level, warehousing and distribution.


Scania trucks 18 TN, model P280, adapted to the latest EURO regulations 6 that allows emission levels of the lowest in the market at the same time with a lower consumption thanks to EGR and SCR technology.

All trucks are equipped with a hydraulic booster pump for unloading in difficult places.


Waters of Son Berga



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