Oli Barcenas

D.M.B GESTION DE RESIDUOS SL, with trade name "Oli Bárcenas", it's a waste manager specialized in the collection of used vegetable oil complying with all the obligations stipulated for companies and organizations that operate in this sector.

Oli Bárcenas was created in 2009, when you first recalled used vegetable oil, since then, they have not stopped growing, but it wasn't until 2011, after the dissolution of what was his first business relationship, when it was proposed to offer the optimal service in the islands and renew the one that, until then, it was the service offered by the sector.

Oli Bárcenas considers itself an innovative company. Trying to always solve and adapt to the needs of the "HORECA" sector is, year after year, His principal object.

The successes achieved by the company are numerous, but it was in 2013, when Olí Bárcenas set out not only to provide optimal service to his clients, but to become a benchmark of the islands without forgetting the guarantees and the quality of the service offered to its customers, main pillar that differentiates them, thus arising the current society.


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